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Pharma C supply its customers worldwide with consistent, best quality pharmaceutical grade cannabis. Since regulators all over the world lenient Cannabis growing, importing/exporting and selling, globalization of cannabis market becomes a vivid fact and a must.
We at Pharma C, offer an innovative approach that takes into consideration the ‘missing link’ in order to achieve an accurate Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabis consistent of a precise compound of active ingredients, time and again, without losing the ‘entourage effect’. This allows drug developers to establish their R&D on a stable and accurate supply of raw material. If you have a formula that works, Pharma C can guarantee an accurate and steady supply of material, regardless of the source of cannabis grown.

Tailor Made Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Tailor Made Solutions for the Medical Devices Industry

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Tailor Made Solutions for the Medical Cannabis Industry

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Tailor Made Solutions for the Cosmetics Industry

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cannabis based solutions for targeted medical conditions

At Pharma C, we are also exploring new ways for cannabis to positively affect people’s lives, and one of the most important is medical solutions. With numerous research publications in the past few decades and many that are being conducted at present, dedicated to cannabis components and the endocannabinoid system, there is a growing number of biotech companies that develop medicine based on cannabis plants. Pharma C is actively developing and commercializing, together with its business partners, opportunities to integrate cannabis into various medical solutions, in the face of the legal and regulatory barriers.

Pharma c’s Tailor Made Solutions for Specific Indications: